Bloom is a pendant lamp concept tailored to LG’s flexible OLED panels. It is supposed to combine the perfect diffuse light of an OLED with a defined light cone, as it would be desirable at a lunch table or in a restaurant setting. The lamp consists of three translucent polycarbonate panels, heat folded to a 180°angle. These panels are bolted to a structure of bent sheet metal and the OLEDs are affixed to the inner facing sides of the translucent panels. The opening angle of the lamp is set by first twisting and then pulling the center guide rod. Another twist then locks the mechanism in place. Through the extreme flexibility of the polycarbonate and the bending mechanism, Bloom can be quickly changed from emitting a homely omnidirectional light to a clear down facing one.

Quelle: LG ChemSource: LG Chem

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