Aufnahmezeit 54 SekundenCentral Station, Recording time 54 seconds

Modern philosophy deems it impossible for man to ever achieve an objective grasp of reality. So, in today’s popular culture, TV and social media all focus lies on comparing the individual perceptions of shared experiences. Sometimes, however, a reminder is needed that even the impressions we can agree upon are deeply subjective and specific to the human race.
The video sequences of the Crossvision project are just as true or false as any conventional video would be. However, by rearranging the dimensional planes they no longer simulate the human sensory perception.
By combining the slit-scan capturing technique with a camera slider it was possible to create video art sequences of recognisable yet disorienting sceneries. They are the result of merely rearranging pixel data taken from a tracking shot. No visual information was added or lost in the process.
Now every single frame shows the complete duration of the shoot, from left to right, while the timeline represents a shift in perspective. The horizontal perspective distortion is completely nullified, while everything in motion, e.g. humans, animals and cars, is depicted in a width relative to its speed or duration of stay.

Flowers Binder, Recording time 95 seconds

Roadside Plant, Recording time 47 seconds

Flower Market, Recording time 58 seconds

Boulevard , Recording time 107 seconds

University Entrance, Recording time 169 seconds

Vegetable Market, Recording time 72 seconds

Waller Ring Intersection, Recording time 50 seconds

Render process of a slit-scan frame.

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